Baseball Pin Accessories

Baseball pin accessories, sometimes called add-ons, can really make a pin worth trading. Imagine you are out there trading pins, and everyone has the same type of pin with their logo and team name being the only difference. Not much fun is it?

Now imagine going to a trading event where almost everyone has some incredible accessories on their pins. Each accessory you add makes your pin more unique and raises the trade value of the pin.

Some of the more popular accessories are danglers, sliders, and spinners. Want bling? You can add glitter. Want even more? Add “blinkies” (blinking lights). We also offer bobble heads. Baseball pin accessories make your custom trading pin better.


Pins with Blinking LightsBaseball pins can look really cool with blinking lights on them. Dubbed “blinkies” these flashing lights can be turned off by pressing a button on the back. A switch can also be toggled which allows the “blinker” to blink manually. Blinkers are a lot of fun, and they are hands down the best accessory for a custom trading pin to have. Young pin traders will be searching to trade for your pin if it has a great looking blinker. Your team will probably trade 3 to 1 for every other baseball trading pin, and clean house!


baseball pins with a sliderA custom trading pin becomes a great novelty when a slider is added. I must admit it is difficult not to play with a slider accessory. There must be a tactile reward section of the brain for pressing buttons and sliding sliders. Traders feel left out if they don’t get their chance to “slide” the slider on the pin. A custom trading pin becomes a viral “must see” at the trading event when a pin with a slider attachment is nearby. All of this of course increases the pin’s trade power, and pin traders will be happy to trade a few regular pins for a unique slider pin like the one we designed for “Select Few” in 2010.


baseball pins with spinnersA great way to commemorate your custom trading pin this year is by putting the year on a spinning baseball accessory. These “spinner” attachments can also be used in a number of other creative ways. We have even designed a spinner attachment which turned the pin itself into a game. Wherever the spinner pointed was the next move – “home run”, “out”, “strike”, “bases loaded” etc. Spinner attachments have a lot of potential which has yet to be unlocked. Let us design a custom trading pin with a spinner attachment for your team this year!


baseball pins with danglersDanglers are a very popular way to accessorize your trading pin. If a pin has already been designed, but you want to add a little something “extra” – try a dangler accessory. The you will not need to change your pin design because the dangler attaches to the side of the pin. Danglers are a fabulous way to make your trading pin stand out, and for serious collectors and traders it will be a “must have” to place with their other dangler trading pins to complete their collection.


baseball pins with glitterGlitter is a cost effective way of making your trading pins more desirable. There are hundreds of interesting ways to use glitter on a custom trading pin. One of the more popular ways to use glitter is on flames. We have also used glitter on snow, ice, lightning and even eyes. Glitter pins can have an epoxy dome to protect their special glitter from falling off.

Mention the accessories you would like on your baseball trading pins when you will out our FREE art and quote form.