Frequently Asked Questions About Baseball Pins

How Fast Can I Get Baseball Pins?

You can receive baseball pins or softball pins in a single day if you don't mind paying an extra rush fee, but many of the more desirable options are not available in a rush order. If you can, order at least a month ahead of your baseball tournament in order to get the best price.

What Are the Rush Fees for Baseball Pins?

Rush Fees are calculated by how fast you need them because of high demand. Here is how the rush fees are calculated:

  • Rush Fees for Pins in 5-7 Days: +20%
  • Rush Fees for Pins in 4 Days: +30%
  • Rush Fees for Pins in 3 Days: +50%
  • Rush Fees for Pins in 2 Days: +80%
  • Rush Fees for Pins in 1 Day: +130%
  • Rush Fees for Pins with Saturday Delivery: +210%

In order to avoid rush fees and have more options for your baseball pins, please order early. Days are calculated in Business Days, so please remember not to count the Fourth of July or weekends.

What Are the Different Types of Baseball Pins?

The Baseball Pin Site offers every type of baseball pin and softball pin. While there are numerous production methods, they generally fall into two categories: Enamel Pins and Printed Pins. Enamel Pins are hand-made, and so they require additional production time. Printed pins can be made in a single day and are more practical for teams that need pins fast.

What Type of Pins Should I Make?

If you have at least 7 to 10 business days before your pin trading event, you should get enamel pins (also called soft enamel) because soft enamel trading pins are preferred by pin traders. The raised metal areas of soft enamel baseball trading pins appeal to the tactile senses of pin traders. Not only do the enamel spot colors look brighter than with printed CMYK colors, but the raised metal areas are interesting to touch.

If you don't have at least 2 weeks before your tournament, you should order printed baseball trading pins because printed pins are produced much faster. Printed pins can also feature gradients and tiny details that enamel pins cannot. The designers at Baseball Pin Site know how to use these gradients and small details to make your printed baseball pins stand out.

How Do I Order Baseball Pins?

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the free design and quote form.
  3. Receive the email with a link to order online.

How Do I Order Softball Pins?

You can order Softball Pins from the Baseball Pin Site.

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the free design and quote form.
  3. Receive the email with a link to order online.

How Many Pins Should I Order?

Count how many players are on your team in order to ensure that all the players on your team can trade with everyone at the tournament. Add an additional pin for a coach and a sibling in order to make sure nobody gets left out! That total number is usually around 15 because there are typically 12 to 13 players plus one or two siblings and coaches. Multiply that number by the number of teams at the tournament because they have similar numbers of traders. This calculation will account for everyone:

15 players x 100 teams = 1500 pins. You should order at least 1500 pins.

What is The Minimum Order Quantity for Trading Pins?

200 quantity is the minimum order quantity for trading pins. It is not practical to order less than 200 because it will not account for enough players.

How Do I Get a Free Baseball Pin Design?

To get a free design, just go to Fill out the web form and tell the artist what kind of design you want. Receive an email with a link to your free baseball pin design. Please be sure to check your email right away because we send an email immediately after you submit the online form. Respond to that email so that the artist knows you are able to receive the art.

How Much Do Baseball Pins Cost?

They are relatively inexpensive. A single pin can cost as little as $1 when ordering in higher quantities.

Why Should I Get Trading Pins?

Trading Pins are often more important to youth players than the baseball game itself. Pin Trading helps the players to make new friends and treasure the experience for years to come.

How Do I Make the Most Valuable Trading Pins?

Use Accessories such as Blinkers, Sliders, Danglers or Spinners to greatly enhance the value of your trading pins. Glitter can greatly enhance the value of your enamel trading pins for a small price.

How Can I Raise Funds For Baseball Pin Trading?

You can show the parents and coaches the free art after you fill out the form at Once they see the free design, they are more willing to chip in for the production of your custom trading pins because seeing is believing.

What If Some Parents Refuse Pay For Trading Pins?

The parents will pay for baseball trading pins once they see that pin trading is an all-day event which rivals the game itself. You could even buy some extra pins for them and sell them back at double the price because of a concession fee. It is a wise investment to order early because you invest in the experience of pin trading, avoid rush fees and get a better value.