Baseball Pins Glitter

baseball pins with glitter and blinker

Some trading pins have a certain charm to them that cannot be ignored. The baseball pins glitter accessory is a great way to take that charm even further. Glitter is especially useful when you are from New Orleans and you need to show that Mardi Gras style. The New Orleans team “Voodoo” needed glitter to make their baseball pins into a powerful charm. No one can resist its power when these baseball pins are in the moonlight. It’s like magic.

"Voodoo" Cooperstown baseball pins glitter
Cooperstown Baseball Pins with Glitter

This Voodoo pin is one of the most vibrant baseball pins we’ve ever made because of the beautiful glitter. The Voodoo man was refined and the players names were added to the baseballs. We worked hard with the customer to make sure that the layout was perfect. It took about 3 revisions to get it just right. Thats what happens when you work with the designers to design your trading pins. Give us a chance to make it perfect and take a step back to watch your baseball pins glitter.


baseball pins glitter at Cooperstown and traders find them irresistible.
Baseball pins with glitter attract many pin traders

Glitter really does emphasize the color of your team like nothing else. Some baseball teams can appreciate its festive look, especially when they are heading to Cooperstown! Any youth baseball team that can identify with a festival like Mardi Gras should definitely use glitter. Baseball pins glitter brightly in the sun and give you a trading advantage comparable to more expensive trading pin accessories. For the best value in baseball trading pins, glitter is the way to go!

We Are Giving Away Glitter for Free!

If you can order early this year, we will give you some free glitter! Just call 1-8-PRO-DESIGN to learn more.

Ordering early helps our factory which becomes overwhelmed during peak summer months. We want to encourage early ordering as much as possible. That is why we are offering the free glitter for your baseball trading pins if ordering a month in advance.

If you must wait until only a couple of weeks before your due date to order baseball trading pins, we can still meet your deadline but we cannot use glitter for rush orders. When you order early it allows extra time to add accessories to your pins.

This year the pin trading will be better than ever before!

Update: Customer Testimonial

“Thought you would love to know that the Voodoo is one of the most sought after pins at this week’s Cooperstown tournament. Our boys are getting trades of 3 and sometimes 7 to 1. Other parents have even stopped by our Cottages to get a pin for their son. Our kids don’t even leave the front of their barracks to trade, the other teams come to them. Kids come to our games asking for pins. I could go on and on. The pins have made their experience at dreams park even more memorable. Thanks for working with us in making such a beautiful pin.”

The Stieglers

Be sure to order outside of summer months to get the best pricing and delivery time. Get free glitter on your trading pins so that your Cooperstown baseball pins glitter! You can start today by filling out the simple free pin design and quote form.