Baseball Trading Pins Design

For the best baseball trading pins design, look no further than the Baseball Pin Site! We have been designing baseball trading pins for little baseball teams since 2005.

Baseball Trading Pins Design

Baseball Trading Pins Designers

Our experience has taught us over the years that baseball trading pin design is more than just a talent. There are many things to know about setting up the file for production with the factory. Baseball Trading Pins DesignThere are many different types of pins and various methods of production. It would literally make your head spin to think about all of the different production methods, so we keep it simple for our customers and offer only the best types of pins. We do not offer “Soft” pins. Our pins are either die-struck metal with gold or silver plating or offset printed stainless steel. Be wary of other pin companies who offer “Soft” pins! They are much more difficult to trade.

baseball trading pins design since 2005

Our baseball trading pin designers are ready to show you a stunning design that will arrive on-time and make every team want to trade with yours. We are parents and coaches ourselves, so we know just how important it is to get a solid trading pin. Our designers make sure to get back with you FAST with a free baseball trading pins design and quote so that you can receive your pins on time BEFORE trading begins – not AFTER!

Don’t believe us? Just try us out – It doesn’t take very long to fill out our web form and tell us what you need. Our artists are waiting to show you the advantage that true talent and experience can give to your baseball or softball team. We will not send you a free baseball trading pins design that you would regret having. Its worth it just to fill out the free design and quote form. Believe me, the quality of what you will receive is worth your time!

Update About Soft Enamel

Okay, this part is difficult to explain. Soft enamel pins are actually hard, and hard enamel pins are actually smooth, or soft. Who would name it that way?! I am forced to explain this every year for the past ten years and I think I am going bonkers. Honestly, I wish I could go back in time with my time machine find the guy who named “soft enamel pins”. Soft enamel pins are the hardest pins with the “raised metal edges”. Hard enamel pins are still hard, but the metal is not raised – creating a smooth surface.

If you read this far, congratulations! Most people have a lot else going on, like kids running around with mud on their shoes, dirt bikes in the front yard, rainy weather on the day of the baseball tournament, demagogue elections distracting from local politics, failing infrastructure and poor education, lead pipes, fracking, road construction and hazy conditions… okay, okay – you get it.

Soft Enamel Trading PinsSo why can’t we just name Soft enamel pins hard? It’s not that I don’t love explaining and teaching – in fact I really love doing that. The problem is that it makes absolutely no sense, when you think about it. Soft enamel pins are hard. Hard enamel pins are smooth. These are all die-struck lapel pins but that’s a name reserved for another kind of pin altogether!!

So I guess all that I am really trying to say is that Soft Enamel Trading Pins are actually really hard. Don’t ask me why…

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