Dangler Trading Pins

Baseball trading pins for Dallas Colts baseball teamDangler trading pins are very practical and versatile. You can use a dangler accessory on a baseball trading pin to show the teams age group, the year or special club affiliation. In the case of the Dallas Colts, they needed several different danglers for each age group.

Typically there is one dangler design that accompanies the pin design. In the case of the Dallas Colts, we needed to show 4 dangler designs and one pin design. He was smart to order separate danglers designed for each age group. This gives the pins a unique trade advantage, because some people will want to collect the whole set. There have been other similar techniques to achieve the same effect, such as partitioning a pin into collectable parts. They will have a stronger trade value when seen as a set because it adds to the presentation.

Traditional Trading Pins

Danglers offer a more formal approach to baseball trading pin accessorizing. Dangler Trading Pins look like more of a typical pin, whereas a blinking light or slider might not look as though it was typical in any way at all. You may decide to be atypical or traditionally typical depending upon your team spirit and who you are trying to represent. You may choose a more traditional approach with dangler trading pins for your baseball team.

Other traditional approaches to baseball trading pins that not many people think of:

  • Request Hard Enamel – It takes longer, is slightly more cost – but it can give your baseball trading pins a true classic look.
  • Ask For Epoxy Dome – If you are getting soft enamel trading pins, you may consider using an epoxy dome to give it a glossy look.
  • Die Struck / Gold Plated Dangler – Dangler trading pins can be unique and traditional by using a special gold plated dangler accessory.
  • Gold Plating With Cool Colors – Use Gold Plating when cool colors are used in your organizations logo, such as green, blue or purple.
  • Silver Plating With Warm Colors – Use the cool nature of silver plating to contrast with warm colors in your design such as red, yellow & orange.

These are not general rules for trading pins, only suggestions to obtain a type of classic look. These rules are broken by myself every day.

Dangler Trading Pins Value

Dangler trading pins can be used to achieve a classic and timeless look. Using different danglers on your dangler trading pins creates collectable sets. The lower cost of danglers can be used in these unique ways to get more value from your trading pins budget. The colts ordered early, and consulted with the artist for several weeks before placing the order. Sometimes this is necessary because funds need to be collected, but it also helps to finalize the design. The Colts requested several free revisions, getting everyone involved.

The art is always free, so you dont have to worry about time = money. We know that you are serious about designing the best baseball trading pins for your team. We are here to help you achieve your goals, and to have fun designing your baseball trading pins!

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