Offset Printed Trading Pins

Offset printed pins are gaining in popularity among baseball teams because of the amount of detail for the cost. Recent advances in printing techniques now print at a higher resolution. Now you can get great detail such as gradients, drop shadows and photographs. Such details can’t be created with the traditional soft enamel pins. Offset printed pins look shiny, modern, and bright. They can be made quickly, so if you are late to order, printed pins could be an excellent alternative.

Offset Printed Trading Pins

We create our offset printed pins from a photo negative or digital file so you have an unlimited choice of colors and fonts. The image we design for you at Baseball Pin Site is transferred onto a metal pin. A CMYK 4-color printing process is used. A clear epoxy is applied for protection.

Plating Offset Printed Pins

Our offset printed pins can be plated with real gold, silver nickel plating or black metal. Usually this is only visible on the sides or the back of the pins. Sometimes offset printed pins are made with gaps in the printed area. These gaps allow the metal plating to show through to the front. This is one of our favorite techniques and it makes the offset printed pins look incredible.

Baseball Pin Site has create some really wild offset printed pins for pin traders across the country. We are shaking things up and changing the industry with immaculate raster artwork that people will trade and collect for years to come.

Trading Pins Fast

We can make our rush printed pins in 1 day if you are in a rush. If you need trading pins fast, contact us today about our offset printed rush trading pins. After verifying your rush date, we will design our signature rush printed pins that stand out when pin trading begins. Our rush printed pins use a pre-made shape of a diamond with crossed bats. We are able to add real silver or metallic gold leaf inks. The inks are sealed with an acrylic dome. The price for our rush printed pins is the same as our offset printed prices. No other company offers such a value when you need baseball pins fast!

So what are you waiting for? Click the button to get some great free art!

Offset Printed Pins Cheap

Our prices for offset printed pins give you an unbeatable value. If you are looking for the most practical solution at the most reasonable price for your trading pins this year, try our offset printed pins. If anyone offers a lower price on offset printed pins, we promise to match or beat that price. Please take a look at our prices for offset printed pins.

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