Soft Enamel Trading Pins

Soft Enamel pins are the #1 pin choice for baseball trading pins among youth baseball teams. Enamel colored trading pins are high quality yet affordable metal pins. They are SOLID metal pins and never SOFT (even though it is usually called soft enamel). The enamel is just the coloring, which fully hardens onto the hard metal after production.
Soft Enamel Baseball Pins

Free Trading Pin Artwork

Fill out our free art form and let us know your mascot, team colors and your team’s age group. Our artists will design your soft enamel trading pins without obligation to buy. After you see the first design you can ask for unlimited revisions until you like it. Just click the “free art” button below and get a free baseball pin design today!

Which pin designs are best for enamel trading pins?

Soft enamel trading pins are die struck metal pins. The best designs will have defined areas and the enamel colors will be clearly separated by raised metal edges. If you prefer an intricate design involving gradients or other fine details, consider offset-printed trading pins.

How can enamel trading pins pins really stand out?

Let one of our professional designers design the perfect soft enamel trading pins that will have great trading value. If you want you can add additional options to make your pin more valuable for trading. The most common accessory options are danglers, blinkers, spinners and sliders. Here is a complete list of baseball pin accessories:

Baseball Pin Accessories:

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Soft Enamel Trading Pins

One of our professional designers uses your specifications to create a design for your soft enamel pins. The design and unlimited revisions are included at no charge. This design is then turned into a mold of your custom shape and size. The mold is then die-struck, creating raised and recessed areas. The enamel colors are filled into the recessed areas one at a time. The raised areas are highly polished. The soft enamel pins are then fired in a kiln to harden the enamel colors. The liquid soft enamel pools become very hard. If you desire, an epoxy coating can be applied, at no extra charge, for extra protection against fading and cracking. This time honored process creates soft enamel trading pins that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Soft enamel pins are never “soft”. They are actually the hardest pins.

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